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Boston Junior Whalers Awarded 'New England' Region Bid to THE SHOW in Minnesota!

By Admin, 06/09/21, 6:45PM EDT


Blaine, MN -  The Boston Junior Whalers are very excited to announce that we have been awarded, and have accepted the bid to represent the New England Region at the summer's most prestigious event - The SHOW in Bloomington, Minnesota.

This event is the premier showcase of the summer, featuring the top programs from across North America.  We are excited to join some of the strongest programs on the continent which include but are not limited to the Minnesota Blades, LA Pros, Atlanta Kings, Hockey Factory USA Wisconsin, Evictors Elite Hockey, Northstar Elite & more!

The SHOW features a 6-game guarantee for each team, and will be played from July 12-17 at the historic Bloomington Ice Garden in Bloomington, MN.  This year, the event will play host to both 2009 & 2010 Divisions - as a result of the aftermath of COVID.  Next year, it will be solely the 2011's, the following year will be the 2012's, and so on.....

We will be sending out our selection emails shortly for our Boston Junior Whalers 2009 Elite Team and our Boston Junior Whalers 2010 Elite Team for The SHOW.  All teams will have individual headshots taken for the roster on the website, there will be a skills competition, an All-Star Game, interviews with players between each period, professional announcer, and all games streamed live on the tournament website.  The headshots will also be used to create the "EliteProspects" page for each player participating.  The live stats and real-time score updates will be loaded on both the tournament website and to EliteProspects.

Each player selected to play on our Boston Junior Whalers 2009 and 2010 Elite Teams for The SHOW will receive customized Boston Junior Whalers uniforms (jersey, socks, helmet stickers & shell) in addition to team dri-fit shirts, shorts, hats, and a team practice in Minnesota the night before the event.

"We are thrilled to have the Boston Junior Whalers program as a part of The SHOW this year, and for years moving forward", said Tournament Director, Tony Zosel.  "The Boston Junior Whalers program has a reputation on a global level that is synonymous with excellence.  Mike and his staff have moved some of the top players to the next level year after year, and their alumni list is admirable - we are thrilled to have the Boston Junior Whalers as a part of our event", Zosel continued.

"I am grateful to Tony and his staff for seeking us out and extending this incredible opportunity to participate in the strongest event in North America", said Mike Cusack.  "Tony has built an empire of events with YouthHockeyHub, and he recognizes the difference between running a tournament and putting on an event.  I am eager to have our teams in Bloomington this summer, and have our players compete against the best of the best", Cusack continued.

Any questions or inquiries about The SHOW event can be communicated directly to Jack Cusack via email at: 

or more information on the event, please visit and